A shot in the arm

So this week I have been discovering how many horrible and nasty diseases I could get on my travels (lots).

Fortunately due to the wonders of modern medicine there are lots of vaccines available.

On Monday I went and got some malaria tablets and a yellow fever shot.  The latter is one of the vaccines where they actually give you a mild form of the disease.  OnThursday I then got typhoid and tetanus, polio and rubella. On Thursday night, I went down the pub for a pint – big error!

The only one I haven’t got is rabies as getting all the shots takes a month and I haven’t got that long.  I shall just have to be careful not to touch any stray dogs (or monkeys).


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One Response to A shot in the arm

  1. Nat says:

    Oooh, be super careful of animals while you’re out there then. My Dad and brother were feeding a cat on holiday a few years back and it jumped up and scratched my mum. She had to have 16 rather painful rabies preventative injections as a result. :-0

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