Americas here I come

I’m starting a brand new blog to document my travels around the Americas.  As you might know I have left Harris and have decided to use my gardening leave and my redundancy money to finally go travelling (yes the travelling I was going to do before 30).

I’m leaving 3rd November and coming back Christmas Eve.  So where am I going?

I’m starting in New York with a 14 day tour that goes down the Eastern coast of the US all the way to Miami and then along to New Orleans stopping at places like Washington, Charleston and Savannah.

I’m then flying to Las Vegas where I will stay a few days, hiring a car and travelling to the Grand Canyon and then driving on to San Fran and LA.  I’m then flying to Mexico for 3 days for a look round Mexico City and a trip to see the step pyramids of Teotihuacan.

I’m then off to Lima for a 21 day tour Peru.  Highlights include Lima, Cuzco, the Nazca lines, hot springs, 3 days hiking the Inca trail and then finishing off with a couple of days at a jungle lodge in the Amazon.

Sounds fun!


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3 Responses to Americas here I come

  1. David Room says:

    Sounds great Gareth I’m glad you decided to do a trip!

  2. david says:

    Hope you have fun Gareth. Are you going to fit in a bit of South American football while your there? P.S. Can you keep us informed on the weather while your there.

  3. robyn says:

    seems our old flatmate has more charges against him. public nuisance and disturbing the peace or something like that…hope you are having a good time.

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