The final countdown

Well in little more than 24 hours I shall be on my way with a wonderfully early flight out of Heathrow at 8:40am.  I’m starting to get more exited now – was reading up on Vegas last week and sounds great.  Also must admit am a tiny bit nervous.  Obviously I’ve been away before but this is the first big trip for about 9 years since I went round Northern Italy for a month.  So a tiny bit of trepidation but it will do me good to get off my fat arse!

So I have been doing more preparations this week and today I drew up the mega long list of things to pack and things to do before I go.  It is still quite a long list so I bought myself a can of monster energy drink for tomorrow.  Also the old adrenaline should kick in to make sure I get everything done with 5 minutes to spare as usual 🙂

The other thing with going away for so long is I will only just get back for Christmas so I have been out buying Christmas cards this week.  I have also told the family that they can have whatever they want for Christmas as long as I can buy it on Amazon and ship it to their house.

In answer to David’s questions – I doubt I will see any footie in Peru as I will be on the tour the whole time but maybe in Mexico.  Club America play at the famous Azteca stadium.  I will also be sure to keep note of the weather like any good Englishman.  Unfortunately it looks like the US may be even colder than here… 😦

In answer to Nat – I shall definitely not be feeding any cats even if they are as cute as your two!

Just one last thing – it is much easier to leave a comment on this site than on my last blog.  You just have to fill in your name and e-mail (I think this is to prevent spam).  So please do leave a comment as it is nice to know who is reading and also a good way of letting me know anything exciting that happens in the UK while I’m gone.


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2 Responses to The final countdown

  1. Ron Nelson says:

    1. Your arse isn’t fat.
    2 You are not completely English.

  2. Ron Nelson says:

    Glad you had a good flight. Hope the tour group are a friendly, chatty bunch and don’t turn into horrible little cliques. W.I. was particularly thrilling last night – cake decorating and Barbara fell asleep and started snoring! It’s a dreadfully wet day here today. We’re going to a Gala Dinner with an Elton John Tribute Band tonight with Sue and Tony.
    Love Mum

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