An Amish paradise?

Made my flight on time.  Watched Horrible bosses and Rise of the Apes which were both good.  Also listened to some music despite the fact most of it was the music from Glee and James Blunt.  I even looked in the world section expecting to see something French or Argentinian but no the only thing they have there is Michael Buble!

Got the bus from Newark into NYC for early afternoon.

Had a rest and then went for a walk.  Went to the river to test out the new camera.  It has a built in GPS and I wanted to test it out.  So I took some photos and waited for it to tell me where I was…  Colnbrook, United Kingdom.  Not quite…

Saw some funny things on my walk:

A man walking along, carrying a dog, singing in Spanish

A sign for a sex shop “Private viewing rooms available”.  Underneath “Women wanted to work in fantasy viewing rooms”.  Makes you wonder what the punters are looking at now – reruns of Friends?

A sign in a cafe window “Sanitory inspection certificate – certificate pending”.  Hmm….

A “rag and bone” shop with about 6 baby dolls on an armchair in the window.  OK That one was more creepy.

On the way back I went into a shop I had spotted earlier an Amish market.  I thought this must be interesting considering that the Amish are supposed to be reclusive – perhaps they had set up a shop to sell their produce.  I already had a cheeky query lined up “Do you sell cell phones?”  So I went in – fruit and veg  – fine, I wonder if they bring it in from Pennsylvania.  Meat – fair enough. Kelloggs Special K Hmmm surely they don’t make that?  Looking round I couldn’t see anyone with a long beard at all and there were even some women in head scarves.  Then I realised this isn’t the Amish but a guy called Amish’s market.  Oops.

Going for the welcome meeting now- sounds like there are a few Aussies on the tour.

UPDATE: There are actually 32 people on the tour which is apparently small as a full tour is 54 people.  All nationalities – Korea, Singapore, Denmark NZ etc (Robyn if you are reading didn’t you say max was 16 or is that the other tour?)

So we are leaving tomorrow at 7:30am going to Philadelphia for lunch and then Annapolis for a tour.  Then dinner in DC followed by an evening tour and potentially somewhere for nightlife.  Sounds tiring so will turn in soon.  Although don’t know what time my room mate will be back – he left me a note that he has gone to to the Ice Hockey


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2 Responses to An Amish paradise?

  1. Robyn says:

    the other tour is max of 16 people. Never looked how many where in the contiki but sure there will be someone you will like. have a good time.

  2. Ron Nelson says:

    Went into the Newark Airport website, and was actually able to track your flight from about 300
    miles out. It gave details of the aircraft ‘s height, speed, bearing etc Really good feature. I probably knew you had landed before you did!!!!

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