Manley is in Sydney and nobody likes them.

So yesterday we got up nice and early and started off by going to Philly.  Had a look round some of the historic buildings and the Liberty bell (a bell with a crack in it – so not very useful).  Then went to Jim’s for a famous Philly Cheese steak.  This is a hotdog bun covered with tinned cheese and then grated beef and onions on the top.  It was good but I struggled to finish it with.  The guy I was with managed two!

We then went to Annapolis and had a tour of the naval academy.

We then got into DC and had 15 mins in the hotel before heading out again for dinner next door which was 1/2 an hour early.  We then got back on the bus and went on a night city tour.  We went to the Capitol, the Roosevelt memorial, the Korean war memorial and the Lincoln memorial.  Some peeople then went home but about 12 of us went out to Adams moragn to a bar called Madam’s Organ.  This was a cool bar and spent while there.  About 7 of us then went on to a different and had more drinks and dancing.  They were all Aussies so I have been learning a bit about Aussie sports (see above) – quite a few big Rugby league fans.  Got back about 2-3pm and couldn’t remember my room number.  Decided to try the key card in every door on the corridor but got caught by the security guard who made me go and ask at reception.

Today left at 9am for the mall and the museums.  8 of us went in a group and spent the morning walking round the White house and then the American history museum (which is surprising large!)  The others were excited as they have the shoes from the Wizard of Oz…

Had lunch and then split into smaller groups.  Went with a Singaporean brother and sister to the Air and space museum (which has part of Apollo 11) and then the Natural History museum which had a triceratops skelaton.  Got back 1/2 an hour agao and going out again soon.  We are going to a restaurant in Georgetown and then maybe more drinks

About the tours they were sneaky – my tour has 12 but we are sharing with another tour carrying on from new orleans to LA.  Robyn – thanks for the news about Alcy.  Did the landlady sort out the paperwork for the nerw housemate?


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