Rule of Mountain Ash

So last night quite a lot of us went to Georgetown for dinner.  Although the sub-group I was in didn’t really manage dinner as we wandered up the wrong way and the only place we could find to eat was a Mexican takeaway which was OK but very filling.

Anyway everyone went to this bar called 3rd Edition and had some drinks.  By 10 o’clock I was seriously flagging and I was ready to head back but no-one else was.  I didn’t want to pay for a taxi on my own and public transport was a bus and then a metro.  So I agreed to get a taxi with a girl called Tabatha who wasn’t drinking because she was under 21 (not allowed in US) but it was jher birthday so people bought her drinks and that scotched that plan.  So I thought I might us well have some more drinks….

So I was talking to one of the Aussie guys called Nick fior a while he is a cop who was telling me how he used to entrap suspects.  He also loves David Cameron.  And then I met some english guys and one of them lived on north St Bemmy and was a city fan.  I still feel a it queezy today

The clocks went back again today so trying to work out if i gain an extra hour of my life as they already went back in the UK


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One Response to Rule of Mountain Ash

  1. Ron Nelson says:

    What is “Rule of Mountain Ash” supposed to mean?

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