Down to Dixie

So yesterday was our 3rd day in Washington and a free day.  I went off on my own as most people went to the American Football (which iI didn’t want to do).   I walked down to the river past all the places we saw on the night tour (although it was too dark to see they were by the river) and then across the Potomac ending up at Arlington cemetary which I didn’t go in as we went there today.  I then caught the metro across town to the Dupont area as I wanted to check out the gay scene locally.  Before anyone says about safety, it was a nice area and broad daylight (I want to stay safe too 🙂 ).  They don’t really have a gay street like in say Manchester but odd places scattered around one of which I went in for a while.

Later on I went back to the hotel and we caught the coach to a restaurant in Virginia.  I didn’t go out last night as I preferred to stay in and rest 🙂

Today has honestly been a bit dull.  We went to Arlington National Cemetary.  It has JFK’s tomb (and his 2 brothers’).  There was a convoluted guard changing ceremony too.  We then drove to Richmond, VA.  We drove down an avenue with some impressive houses and monuments but didn’t stop.  We then went to a retail park for lunch and ate at Subway 😦

We then drove to Cary (NC) where we are staying tonight which took a long time due to traffic.  I had a chat with some nice southern  ladies at tourist info  – you can ski in the west of this state.   The plan is to go for lunch and then go bowling this evening.  After that it is likely to be laundry time as they have facilities here.

Dad – in answer to your question, remember how we always used to meet people from Mountain Ash wherever we were on holiday.  It is like that.



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One Response to Down to Dixie

  1. Ron Nelson says:

    Hi Gareth
    Why don’t people like the Aussies from Manley?
    What’s the weather like?
    What’s your room mate like?
    The Elton John tribute act was rubbish. Yes, I’m going to complain.
    Are you feeling quesy because of all the travelling or lack of sleep? Yes, I know that’s a Mum-type question.
    We’re going over to see Nan on Friday.
    I thanked Ann for your birthday card.
    Guild tomorrow, is, wait for it…. cheese making and tasting! Ye Gods my life’s so exciting.
    Heather took your critique on the chin, and had to admit that some of it was right???
    Waiting for I.Y’s critique with some trepidation.
    Keep safe.
    Lots of Love

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