Getting trolleyed

Apologies for not posting for a while the last 2 hotels didn’t have internet.  So this might be a longish post.

So on Monday night we went bowling in Cary.  In the first game, I was playing quite badly to start with but then got a Turkey (3 strikes in a row) and finished with 124.  In the 2nd game everyone messed about more – bowling with the other hand, through the legs backwards etc so thecores weren’t as good but it was fun.

On Tuesday we went to Charleston (S Carolina not W Virginia) for lunch.  It was a lovely place with wonderful old colonial houses and a massive harbour which was the start of the US civil war (Fort Sumter).  They also had a pretty good market with loads of interesting souvenirs.  I bought 2 t-shirts but nothing else as I didn’t think it would last long (particularly the palm baskets they make)

We then had a longish drive to Savannah, Georgia.  The coach has a DVD player so Monty our guide puts on relevant DVDs e.g. we watched Forrest Gump as that was partly set in Savannah.  In the evening we had dinner at a restaurant called the Pirates House.  They have  a drink called the skullcrusher (basically rum punch) which comes in a skull mug which was cool but I gave my mug away as it wouldn’t travel.  Ate catfish and chips which was nice (alhough not too different to cod).  Afterwards we went to a Karaoke bar called Wet Willys.  They had some quite potent cocktails so track a few of the mango ones.  Then we had karaoke which was good fun.  Someone suggested I sing Chumbawumba so I did.  I left about am as I knew I couldn’t drink any more.  Iwas woken up by the others coming back though as it turned quite rowdy.  Ended up swimming in the hotel pool at 4am but not for long as it was cold!

The next morning we had a trolley tour of Savannah  which was moderately interesting – some nice squares although the Forrest Gump bench and the statue from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil have both been moved.  We then had a group photo in front of a fountain which is optional to buy – I’m not.  We then stopped off briefly in Jacksonville, Fla. Was stopped by some ladies who loved my accent.  They told me God Bless the Queen!  Bought some very reasonably priced trousers and  a shirt for Miami clubbing while there.

Then we went on to St Augustine which is the oldest city in the US.  We had an included dinner at Hungry Howies (pizza and pasta) and then walked into St A for a ghost boat tour.  We went on a boat up and down the waterfront and a cool old guy dressed as a pirate told ghost stories.  After this pretty much everyone went back to the hotel for a night off.

Today we had another early start and went to the Kennedy Space Center for 4 hours.  It was quite interesting – went on the 3 hour bus stour and then the simulator.  Not sure how much it has changed since 1990.  Then back on the bus and got into Cocoa Beach about an hour ago.  We”re having a BBQ by the pool now.

In answer to the q about weather – it was quite autumnal in Washington but has gradually got warmer.  I would say it is late 20s today so very nice.  Off for a swim now.

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  1. Batman says:

    I am reading all your holiday blogs gwath. keep them coming.

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