Cheaters never prosper?

So an update while I have the internet available.

So the pool party was quite cool.  There was a beer bong (basically downing beer through a pipe with a funnel) which I did twice and there were some burgers.  Several people ended up in the pool in their clothes.  Not me – although a few photos of me posing in my speedos may end up on Facebook so watch out! So anyway there was swimming and beer and it was good.

 Afterwards we went to the place next door which was a strip club called Cheaters.  Not somewhere I would usually go and to be honest felt a bit uncomfortable especially as the strippers kept sneaking up on me.  There was one called “Kisses” and then another one randomly sat in my lap and I had to jump up and shout “gay” repeatedly at her to get her to leave me alone.  The others all seemed to be enjoying themselves though:  Vanessa was really getting it on with the stripper.  I was talking to Lieke who is Dutch and was telling her she was too classy for this joint and she then went off and got a front seat and the stripper licked her tit!  Our bus driver Charlie was drinking with us and some of the others gave him some money so he went off for a private dance – I’m not convinced we will actually leave for Miami at 8am tomorrow. 

As you might have guessed I bailed early as I am blogging this at 10pm our time. 

Tomorrow we are off to Miami.  Unfortunately the party cruise has been cancelled as the company went bust but hopefully Kontiki will find a cool alternative instead. 

Glad you are enjoying my blog Batters.


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2 Responses to Cheaters never prosper?

  1. Batters says:

    I hope you’re taking lots of photos so we can put some faces to these names.

    I suppose taking photos of the strippers is frowned upon?

  2. Ron Nelson says:

    Hi Gareth
    Dad???????? Leonardo is completely booked. Thinking of taking Nan to a show in London on 11th Feb for her 90th. We need to get on and book. Do you want to be included in the show? Think a show that will please three generations will be difficult to find. Would you be happy just to come along for the meal? We were hoping to get tickets for Leonardo and include your Nan as well. Horrible wet day here. Dad’s got a work party down the fishing club tomorrow in preparation for chopping down the trees.
    Love Mum

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