Internet at last

Just arrived in Tallahassee.  I thought that my last post had been swallowed forever but found it in my drafts which saves a bit of typing.  Have finally found somewhere with free internet so can take my time typing for once.

So the 2nd day in Orlando was really good.  Went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure which are neighbouring theme parks.  Had 4 hours in each so time to do everything rather than sprinting round as at Disney.  They have some cool rides like a Mummy ride and then other rides based on simulators like the Simpsons.  They also had a cool show based on Terminator 2 which was a mix of live action and simulation.  It was fun although you could tell when it switched from the sim which had Arnie to real life where there was this slightly pudgy bloke who didn’t really look like Arnie.  They kept the lights down so you wouldn’t notice too much.  There was also a Shrek 4D ride which was cool it was 3D but they also shaked the seats a bit and squirted you with water to make it 4D

Then off to the other park. Had lunch in Harry Potter land at the 3 Broomsticks eating the tiniest pasty I have ever seen (with lots of salad to make it up).  They had a cool Harry Potter ride which mixed live twists and simulation cleverly.  They had a couple of good water rides which I did twice.  Bought a Jurassic park t-shirt which is my 4th souvenir t-shirt.  I am going to throw some of the old ones I brought to keep down the weight

In the evening I stayed in and watched “Hoarders” which was quite interesting.  American TV is weird that they run the programmes back-to-back and then have more ads in the middle.

Today we had quite a long time on the bus.  We stopped at a “discount” mall for 2/1/2 hours this morning.  I didn’t buy anything and thought it wasn’t that cheap.  Went back to the bus 1/1/4 hrs early and read my book.

Going for dinner in Tallahassee in 20 mins.  Don’t think I will go out tonight afterwards.  Will probably go to Walmart next door and look at cameras and perhaps some new underwear so I can avoid doing washing for a while! Also save a bit of money for New Orleans tomorrow which will be a good night out.

I have enjoyed the tour but have kind of had enough now and ready for it to end.  Looking forward to some time on my own particularly 3 days in Vegas!

Mum – what about going to the Mousetrap in Feb?  I have always fancied seeing that and Nan would like it too.


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2 Responses to Internet at last

  1. Ron Nelson says:

    I think the Mousetrap is a good idea. I forgot to say that Hannah’s fiance won £50,000. Jammy blighter! I went with PIGGYS tonight to see Crazy, Stupid Love. OK but a real chick flick.

    Love Mum

  2. Ron Nelson says:

    Sorry, it’s me again. I’ve had an e-mail from John. If you’re still checking your e-mails I’ll forward it on to you. It’s about Bakersfield and he wants to call in at Christmas. Dad’s checked the telephoner directory for Bakersfield and there are three Walfords living there. We are going to see if we can bring up their e-mail addresses somehow. Val also wants to e-mail you a happy birthday.

    Love Mum

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