Trouble in paradise

Sorry for no posts for a few days – they charge for internet.  here is it is o.5 a minute so will type fast.

OK.  Had a bit of an annoying thing happen past few days.  We got to Miami on friday morning and went to bay side market first which was lovely and it was really sunny.  We then went on a jet boat cruise which was really good.  We saw some island homes of celebs like gloria estafan and then zoomed off in the ocean super fast and get very wet.  After that we went to the hotel and checked in.  Unfortunately in the time between leaving the bus and getting to my room I lost my camera some how.  I have spent all weekend fretting about it – checked behind all the seats on the bus and in all my pockets.  i think i must have somehow put it down when rearranging all my bags of stuff outside the bus 😦  So anyway that is a really bummer.  i will see if i can claim on travel insurance tomorrow.  the only silver linings is that it is only 1 week of photos and i can get these off facebook.  Also electricals are cheaper than uk and we are going to a discount mall on the way to tallahassee.  friday night we went to dinner at bubba gumps –  a forest gump themeed restaurant.  I had the shrimp as you might guess.  Unfortunately the party cruise was cancelled as the company running it went tits up so we went to a bar which had 2 for 1 drinks.  We then went to a club called cameo – very exspensive in there – small bottle of heiniken= $10 (hence why loading up on 2-1 before.  Got a taxi with vanessa and tabitha about 1:30.

Saturday – went to south beach and we did a bike tour around it. saw some art deco buildings and versace’s house where he was shot.  Then had lunch (cuban sandwich place) and went to the shops for 1 hour.  I had enough so walked half way back then bus.  Chilled by the pool for a while and swam (though it was cold).  Evening dinner at Mangos which was good – ate churrasco steak.  Didn’t go clubbing again but went home and fairly early night

Today – got to orlando (Kissimmee) about 2pm checked in and then went to Disneyworld.  Magic kingdom from 3pm-6pm.  Some of the rides seem very tame now although space mountain still good.  then went to Hollywood studios (formerly MGM I think).  Did the Twilight zone tower of terror ride (based on an out of control elevator) x2, an Aerosmith themed rollercoaster and then a Star wars simulator.  Wish we had spent more time there and less in magic kingdom.  Just got back now


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One Response to Trouble in paradise

  1. Ron Nelson says:

    You didn’t reply to the last one where I asked you a question. We were very surprised to get a phone call from John Cole. Rhydian, Hannah and her fiance were all on a programme called ‘The Cube.’
    Sorry you’ve lost your camera but at least you’ve got copies of the photos.
    We’ll ring you on your birthday.
    Love Mum

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