All that jazz

Just another short update.  While it may sound a little bit crazy last night I was actually moderately sensible.  I only took out $75, my room key and my camera (which I put down my pants).  I actually checked this morning and I still had $48 left so a pretty cheap night all in all.

After my earlier post I went back to bed for a bit and then went for a walk around the French quarter.  Bourbon St is just full of bars and sex shows so is a bit sleazy.  The rest of the French quarter is quite nice.  There were various jazz bands playing on different streets which was really cool.  It was like busking but much better.

I went in the Catholic cathedral which was very nice – it is the oldest one in the US and still had some decoration in French reflecting the former colonial heritage.  They even had some jazz players playing in the cathedral which was really surprising.  Next door is the Cabildo where the Louisiana purchase was signed.  I didn’t go in as it was $6.  They also have an aquarium by the river but I didn’t bother with that as I can see fish in England.

Afterwards I went back and had a sleep and then went out again.  Bought a t-shirt in the Voodoomart (they had a really cool Aberzombie t-shirt but I bought a different one) and then went to Popeyes for a bite to eat.  Just got back to the hotel and finally managed to get rid of those damn postcards at reception.  The Contiki group are going out later so may join them for a beer or 2 (definitely nothing stronger). 

Have got a lunchtime flight to Vegas tomorrow via Houston getting in at 4pm.  Am planning to meet Amit and Natasha at 6pm for a few hours.


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One Response to All that jazz

  1. Ron Nelson says:

    So glad that your americanised english has bounded to the fore after such a short time and that you are cool and almost everything else is cool. I too am cool here – probably because of the temperature. Hopefully I will have some cool football results to report to you on the weekend. Enjoy. Dad

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