Just like England…

Waking up with a box of fried chicken on my bed – check

Waking up with my contacts still in – check

Waking up having lost the thing I was going to put in the post box on the way out – check


But I get ahead of myself.  So the dinner in Tallahassee was really nice actually and I got a desert which was this really lovely mousse (I think that spelling is right now.  I first wrote moose and then changed it to mouse).  Afterwards I went to Walmart and spent a while looking at the cameras.  I was dithering between 2 of them and finally decided to find out neither was in stock so had to buy another one.  It’s good though and the case has like a rock climbing belay so I can attach it to my waist and not lose it.

So yesterday we had a really really long drive but we did at least gain an hour back by switching time zones to Central time.  We stopped in Pensacola, Florida and then Mobile, Alabama by a very large battleship from WW2 and some tanks. I bought an Alabama T-shirt for the irony value (if anyone remembers that episode of Top Gear you’ll know what I mean).

We got to New Orleans about 5pm.  Had to pay for all the optionals and then there was a tip for the tour guide and bus driver.  Went out to buy stamps.  Asked in this grocery store and this guy sent me to the chewing gum.  Asked again and was sent somewhere else.  Fortunately another guy understood me and I got my stamps.

We went out about 7pm and walked to the river and went on a riverboat cruise.  The food was really good.  I had gumbo which tasted an awful lot like oxtail soup.  I then had some beef and fish and something ricey and some mashed potato.  The drinks in New Orleans are much cheaper than anywhere else so far – $4+$1 tip for a beer on the boat.  They had jazz on the boat with a trumpeter, bass player and banjo-ist.

When we got back to dry land we went to a bar called Pat O’Briens and had their famous hurricane drink http://www.patobriens.com/patobriens/havefun/hrricane.asp

They had a bucking bronco which I rode.  I have a bruised finger today so maybe that’s how I hurt it.

We then went to another bar for a while.  Apparently we were drinking some sort of drinks in test tubes.  I’m not quite sure what happened next.  I’m told that Tabitha put me in a cab but I have no memory of this.  I went to the casino and am very surprised I got in.  I wandered around and there were loads of tables playing poker but they looked really serious and I thought I would lose so I didn’t play.  I then went out and walked the wrong way so ended up back at the river but then went the right way and got home safely.

This morning I had a lot of fruit juice at breakfast.  The good news is that Vanessa had my postcards.  There are no post boxes anywhere in the US so I’d had to put them down my pants for safe keeping (BTW – I am talking American English now after being here for 2 weeks) and they fell out on the dancefloor but thankfully she picked them up.  I am now going for a wander round and to try to actually post them.

May go out for a couple of drinks tonight but only a couple as want to be in good shape for my flight to Vegas.


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One Response to Just like England…

  1. Batters says:

    My dad is well into Battleships, especially the kind with lots of large guns like you saw. He’d be very jealous.

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