The wild west

So the 2nd night in New orleans went out with the Contiki crew for a while but onoly had a couple and came back with some of the others at 11pm

Yesterday got to the airport fine.  First flight to Houston was 1 hr.  I only had 1 hr connection so thought that might be tight but you come out in the departure lounge and so can just walk to the new gate rather than doing security again.

The flight to Vegas was delayed for the most bizarre reason ever.  One of the seats in the front row needed a new seat cover but the ones at the airport were the wrong colour so they had to get someone to go to a warehouse for the right colour cover.  they did make most of the time back though.

Got to Vegas, walked out the gate and the first thing I saw was a row of fruit machines,.  The 2nd thing I saw was a poster advertising somewhere where you can go and fire a machine gun.  Certainly no hiding where I am now.

Got to the hotel, had a shower and then went to meet Amit and Natasha.  My hotel is so big they give you a map (I was working out I think it must have about 3500 rooms).  I didn’t take the map and got lost in the casino for 10 minutes. It was a massively long walk to meet the others and we met halfway at Planet Hollywood.  Had a nice meal and then went to the casino.  Was going to show the others how to Blackjack but Natasha wasn’t even allowed to watch as she is under 21.  So we went to the fruit machines and Amit put in a couple of dollars.  The others left about 9 and I was pretty knackered so got the monorail most of the way home and then went to bed.

This morning I got up and did my laundry. Yeah! Had a look round the Adventuredome (US’s largest indoor theme park) during the wash and then tried to go to the World’s biggest gift shop during the tumble dry but got lost and ended up walking round the RV park which has a massive wall around it.

Went back to the room for some clean clothes and have just been to the Circus Circus circus – they had a clown who could juggle whilst spinning a ball on his nose and a Polish woman who did some acrobatics whilst climbing some curtains.


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One Response to The wild west

  1. Ron Nelson says:

    Glad your flight was OK. I’ve always imagined that Vegas was very O.T.T. Hope you get to see some of the shows, they’re supposed to be wonderful. We’ll ring tomorrow to wish you a happy birthday.

    Love Mum

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