Leaving Las Vegas (trying to)

So after doing my laundry I went back down the strip and looked at a few casinos.  They are all very different on the outside but look strangely similar on the inside with endless rows of slot machines.

I ended up back at Planet Hollywood and played some $1/2 NLH for quite some hours.  It was a bit up and down and in the end I walked away with $14 profit.  Unfortunately I had had a small go on the slots earlier and lost $9 leaving me a measly $5 up.

On sunday I got up at 5:30am to watch City play Millwall in the Queen Victoria pub inside the Riveria casino across the street.  City won  2-1 and the bartender gave me a free drink as the Boddies was off.  So I had 4 Guinness/Newcy B’s and a proper english fry up before going back to bed until lunchtime.

In the afternoon I went back to Planet Hollywood.  As it was my birthday I decided to play roulette for the first time ever.  I had 1 bet only putting $10 on No. 33 (my age).  The bal went round and round and landed on number thirty…. four.  I’m not that old!

I then played poker for 2 hours and won $160.  I took a break and went to watch the Bellagio fountains.  They do a show every 15 minutes to different pieces of music and are very impressive – watched them about 3-4 times.  Had a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich (a sandwich chain owned by the Earl of Sandwich (clearly he is too embarrassed to do this in the UK)) and then played another 2 hours of poker and won $30 more.  So a good birthday.

The next day I got up, checked out of the hotel and hired a car.   I was wondering if it would be a classic brand like a Chevrolet, Cadillac or Mustang.  Instead I got given a Nissan Versa.  I went to the garage loaded my stuff and got in the door.  Hmm this thing has a funny gear stick and only 2 pedals.  Is the fat one the clutch or the brake? How do I drive this?  After 20 minutes of trying to drive it I had only managed to roll slightly backwards.   Rang up the old man but he had no idea what to do either.  So went back to the car hire place and asked for manual.  They don’t have any.  Fortunately the guy was able to explain what to do.

So I got on the road.  First stop was the Pawnstars Pawn shop (not to be confused with the Pornstars Porn shop which can probably be found elsewhere in town (especially considering the number of people handing out flyers for escorts on the strip)).  It was packed full of people and they seem to have taken out quite a bit of the pawn and replaced it with a large amount of tourist souvenirs.  I didn’t see any of the ones from the telly.

So next I needed to find I15 for Bakersfield.  I decided to keep heading north thinking I would meet it.  I came to a different freeway for Reno or Phoenix so carried on.   I drove and drove and there were houses and then some trailer parks.  I’m not thinking I need to turn round.  The problem is there are no roundabouts (or very few) so the only way I have found to turnaround is to go round a block.  The problem was the streets were far apart here so I wasn’t sure if there was a block to go round.  So I kept going passed an airforce base and then the road went to single lane and was just desert.  Now what do I do?  I thought I could try driving off the road and then doing a 3 point turn but what if the car got stuck?  So I thought lets carry on until I reach a truck stop.  So I drove a bit more and then eventually reached an intersection with a main road.  Signs for Salt Lake City or Las Vegas.   I chose Las Vegas and drove all the way about 20 miles back to Vegas, passing Sahara avenue which my hotel is on and then all the way parallel down the strip.  At least I was finally on I15 though!


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