Just deserts

So I drove down I15 and finally made it into California.  It didn’t look much like the adverts.  There was no Arnold Schwarzenegger for a start.  In fact there was just a large amount of desert with some mountains.  In fairness, some of the mountains were quite high driving up to 4000ft and then down to 2000ft.  My ears were certainly popping.

I stopped for lunch in Barstow which was not much of a town.  After that I turned off on the road to Bakersfield.  The landscape changed – this time it was just desert and no mountains.   I was ready to stop again and saw some enticing signs for Mary Sue’s diner.  Then I saw the exit.  It’s on Ghost Town Road  I’m not falling for that one, I’ve seen too many horror films!  So I stopped in Tehachapi (which means 4 seasons in some Indian language).  I got to Bakersfield and tried to find a hotel.  This was a lot harder than it seemed and I ended up driving around and around before ending up at the Padre in downtown.  It was a really nice hotel and reasonably priced.

The next day i was going to go to San Francisco but I gave up on that idea as it was too far.  So stayed a couple of nights instead of 1.  I went for a wander and ended up at this place where you can make your own burger.  I had a chicken , egg and onion burger which was quite nice.  I thought about adding 1000 island dressing too but decided that would be too much.  I have a family connection here so afterwards I went to look at the museum which was shut but they had a large garden which had all these old wooden buildings that they had put on a lorry and moved there from their original sites, which was a bit strange.  I then tried to find somewhere that had internet but there don’t seem to be many internet cafes any more.  I went to the library but didn’t have a card so couldn’t get on.  In the evening, I first went swimming.  It seemed quite cheap at $3 but I had a nasty surprise as I got changed and then ended up outside!  Obviously they don’t see the need for indoor swimming pools in California.  I then went ice skating next door before finally going to the cinema to see Tower heist which was good fun.

The next day I met a distant relative in the hotel, went to the cemetary and then headed on out to Pasadena.  I made sure I had directions from the hotel this time so got ther ein one piece.  The drive had less desert this time but still some pretty big mountains as I drove over the grapevine.  California is definitely a lot more mountainous than you might think.


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