For richer and for poorer

So the first night in Pasadena, I walked up to old town Pasadena which has lots of upscale shops and a very large number of Japanese fish restaurants.   I wandered back to the hotel and ate at the Hawaiian BBQ while the guy tried to explain to me how the American Football League worked.  It’s very complicated and he wasn’t completely sure.

The next day I went into LA on the metro and across to Hollywood.  I got off at Sunset Boulevard.  It didn’t really look like the movies but very ordinary.  Then I found out that the road is 20 miles long so I was just on a dull bit.  I walked along and it wasn’t too far before I got to the centre of Hollywood.   I saw the famous stars on the walk of fame, but the fact that the Rugrats and Fleetwood Mac get them makes me think that they throw them around a bit too freely.  Gene Autry seemed to have at least 3.  I then went in a wax museum.  Some of them were quite good but some were very lousy.  I got someone to take a photo of me with a couple of them and when I get back I will see if anyone can identify who the celebs are supposed to be.  I then went in The Guinness World Records museum (it was the same ticket).

I also saw the other side of life in this city.  Just a few blocks away from the famous Kodak theater I saw both sides of a street filled with homeless people queueing up for soup or a bed.  There seems to be so much poverty here amongst all the wealth.  You can see people with their whole lives in shopping bags on the subway (BTW – it is a very weird subway as they have barriers but you can go through them without putting a ticket in) and people begging for a few quarters.  This is not a city to be poor. I passed the bus offering guided tours past the clebrity mansions for $44.  Absolutely no!

In the evening, everything was closed in Pasadena for thanksgiving and so I went in the one bar that was open and had a couple of beeers and some chicken nuggets and chips that they cooked up.

Today, I decided I wasn’t going back downtown again and wanted to see the sea.  So I got the metro to Redondo beach (although this took a while as this metro is strange.  The yellow line only connects to the red and purple line.  The blue line only connects to the green line which only also connects to red and purple.)  When I got there I realised that the metro doesn’t actually stop in Redondo beach.  So I started walking but then got fed up and went back and to Long Beach instead.  I must admit I was ready to dislike Long Beach and turn around and go home but actually it really is quite nice.  The central area doesn’t have any beach but it has a nice harbour with a lighthouse and you could see some cruise ships in the distance.  I walked back past some upscale shops and then I have to admit I went to Walmart.  Today is Black Friday here which is like Boxing Day for shopping.  They had near riots on the news  and some woman pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers.  Anyway I bought some jeans – Levis for $25 seems a bargain – and then headed back.

Going to get some shut eye now as got to get up at 5:00 as I am leaving the US


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2 Responses to For richer and for poorer

  1. Batman says:

    The black friday thing, and the woman pepper spraying people made the news here. Also some guy was shot too.
    Where are you headed next?

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