Non gracias, Señor

So the first full day here I didnt do that much as I was pretty tired from the travelling (and maybe the altitude too).  I read that Sunday was a good day for bike riding in Mexico but I didn´t find anywhere that hired bikes.  Then it started raining so I went in the National Art Museum which was handy close by.  I had a look round – some of the modern stuff was quite good and then found an auditorium which had some comfy seats.  They started showing a film about a German woman who survived a plane crash in Peru and walked through the jungle for 10 days.  Hopefully lots of useful information that I will never need.

Yesterday I went to Teotihuacan.  This involved metro then bus.  The metro is only 15p for a one way trip to anywhere.  I then got the bus which was more expensive. 36 pesos!  Oh hang on that´s 1 pound 80.  Teotihuacan is pretty big.  I went up the Pyramid of the Sun which is 64m tall and has 243 steep steps.  I then walked along the avenue of the dead which is full of people selling tatty souvenirs – an obsidian broach, an obsidian pyramid, an obsidian spear tip.  Non gracias, Señor!!   What I would have bought was a drink but none of them had any – eventually found a cafe on the edge of the site.  Then climbed the Pyramid of the Moon-unfortunately you could only go half way up.  I wasn´t too disappointed.  I then went up the other end of the site which is quieter and saw the citadel.  I don´t think I saw any other English speaking tourists.  They were all German or Japanese or natives.  Ended up catching a different bus back but for the sake of 1 pound eighty it was worth it.

Got back and had dinner at a Castillian restaurant which was one of the few that was open.  A lot of places shut surprisingly early here in Mexico City.

Today I went in the cathedral.  They have an altar made of solid gold (wonder where that came from!)  then went to the remains of the Templo Mayor which was only excavated in the last 30 years.  the ruins were quite unusual as the Aztecs kept building bigger temples around the previous ones so it is layered like an onion.  There was a museum as well. Then went to Chupaltepec park.  Went for a wander and then to the zoo.  Some of the barriers were incredibly low and I wondered how many animals escape.  I´m sure at least the monkeys could get out.  they had a very sad looking polar bear (well you would be sad if you were a polar bear and lived in Mexico)

Tonight I ate in a restaurant next to the hotel.  Had aztec soup which was basically vegetable soup with chicken in it.  Then had something which was essentially a Taco covered with pork covered with cheese.  It was very filling.

Mexico has been very cheap.  Have spent less than 15 pounds a day.  off to peru tomorrow but not too early (2 o´clock flight)


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