High flying

So I checked out of the hotel this morning and made my way to the airport on the metro.  It wasn’t too crowded but there was quite a bit of walking at the final end.  I checked in and was surprised to find I was flying business class. I don’t remember booking that and wondered if I was upgraded.  Was even more surprised to find that I was the only person in business class so I guess I wasn’t upgraded.  Best not complain.  So it was pretty cool.  Got to sprawl a bit, the stewardess kept bringing me apple juice (why didn’t I drink the wine on offer), the dinner was pretty good and I got my own personal toilet.  One for me, one for you other 50 people in economy!  They had a couple of films on Larry Crown and Harry Potter (again).  The airline was Costa Rican but pretty good (at least they haven’t gone bust like AA)

The transfer was pretty smooth.  Shared with 2 Canadians who are doing a different tour.  This hotel seems reasonable. The shower has 3 taps which I can’t work out – have found if I point them all downwards get at least luke warm water.  Ate at the restaurant under the hotel – had the fish of the day (don’t know what) in some sort of orange sauce (don’t know either) with rice (know what that is)

Tomorrow is a free day in Lima.  there is a welcome meeting at 6pm.  Looks like there are 8 on the tour, 6M and 2F. These tours seem more international than the Contiki ones.  There is a Shane (probably from down under), a guy with a German sounding surname and a guy called Tutenkamen (no idea where he is from)


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2 Responses to High flying

  1. Nat says:

    Not surprised AA went bust, they were rubbish! Glad to hear you’re having good time Gwath. Really enjoying your updates 🙂

  2. Ron Nelson says:

    Glad you had a good flight. It is now the rainy season in Machu Pichu so without doubt you will get wet. Hope you enjoy the trip. Will keep in touch by text.

    Carling Cup – Semi Final draw played over 2 legs:

    Man City v Liverpool

    Cardiff v Crystal Palace (they beat Man U at Old Trafford )



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