Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

So the first day in Lima I got up for breakfast and then went back to bed for 2-3 hours as I was a bit zonked out from the flight.  In the afternoon, I went for a walk down to the sea and I have to say it reminded me an awful lot of Sidmouth with maybe a bit of Torquay and Woollacombe thrown in:

  • The beach has pebbles
  • It has a pier
  • It has people surfing
  • There are some very big cliffs
  • At the top of the cliffs are some neatly manicured gardens with pots of geraniums
  • There is a striped lighthouse
  • The weather was cloudy and muggy
  • The sea was probably not too warm

So this was the first time I properly saw the Pacific and there were some big waves.  It made a massive cracking sound against the pebbles as the sea went out after each wave.

I then went back up the hill and along the cliffs to a shopping centre set in them.  It looked quite pricy.  I then walked back up the main shopping avenue.  It feels very western here and not at all South American.  I spoke to a Peruvian guy who said his surname was Johnson so maybe there are some English influences here.

The welcome meeting was at 6 but there were only 3 of us there as the others hadn´t arrived yet.  We 3 then went out for dinner at a place near Kennedy park.  The 2 I have met are Lawrence from Canada and Emma from somewhere near Bridgwater.  They are both maybe a little older than me so think there will be more of a mix of ages on this tour.  I then went back out as I had spotted several casinos on Larco avenue earlier.  The first one had a higher limit game than I usually play so I went to the 2nd one and played for 1/1/2 hours.  I started with 300 Soles (suns) and walked away with 970 so a profit of about 155 pounds!

This morning I had breakfast and then went out with Lawrence to Huaca Pucllana which was a 10 minute walk.  It is a pre-Inca site and has a pyramid made of mud bricks.  The tour was quite long but they also showed us some plants and animals that the Lima people would have known.  Apparently the Peruvians eat guinea pigs, which taste like rats and are low in cholesterol.  We were supposed to leave at 1pm for Pisco but there has been some sort of delay due to a road blockage or something like that.  Hopefully leaving at 2pm

Weather update.  It was quite cold in LA.  Mexico City was pretty hot.  Here in Lima it is overcast but not so muggy today.

For my family – remember you need to think about Xmas presents.  Either something I can buy online or you buy yourself and I will give you the money or you will be getting his and hers Alpaca sweaters.  Also remember I will not have the internet so much at times e.g. Inca trail, jungle, Lake Titicaca


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    I tried to leave a comment yesterday but it wouldn’t let me post it so I’ll send an e-mail.

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