Lines in the sand

So as I mentioned an early start for the Nazca lines.  The other two decided to skip breakfast as they heard a lot of people had serious motion sickness from the flight – not me I tucked in heartily.

Got to the airport and we were all weighed with our cameras.  I was 91kg which was the lightest.  We ended up on different flights (perhaps due to weight).  Myself and Lawrence went with 3 italians.  The plane was a 6 seater cessna.  We went over 12 of the lines but I missed the “dog”. I could see why some people were sick as there was some turbulence and the plane turned sharply so that people on the left and right sides of the plane could get a good view of each line.  My stomach was just fine. I got some decent photos of the condor, astronaut and spider.  The name of the astronaut may relate to the fact that some people believe the Nazca lines were created by aliens.

We then met up with the rest of the group and went to the Chauchilla ceremony.  We saw various tombs which had mummified remains in them.  There are a lot of fragments of bone and tooth scattered around the site as most of the tombs were grave robbed.  The Peruvian mummification is different from Egyptian mummification as they are all done in the foetal position.

We then went to a pottery studio in Nazca where we saw a potter who creates replicas of the ancient Nazca pottery that is found in the museums.  She even had some bits of ancient nazca pottery herself (bit of grave robbing?)

We then had lunch.  I had a sort of cake made from potato and some Chicha which is a purple drink made from black corn.  It was nicer than the other well known drink they have here Inca Cola which looks like Fairy liquid and tastes like bubblegum.

We then came back and spent a couple of hours around the pool which was very pleasant indeed.

Having dinner shortly before going on the night bus

Just to mention that Nazca is a bit of a boom town due to copper mining.  Apparently a lot of the locals have small mines and are getting rich but don{t know what to do with this new found wealth e.g. tales of people buying plasma TVs even though they don{t have electricity.

Another thing we learnt is about land invasions.  Groups of local families will invade empty land and build houses.  if they stay so long then the government will give them the land (even if it was someone else{s) and then put in electricity and water.

Don{t forget to leave some comments.  What bits of the trip would you enjoy/not enjoy? What do you think is the most interesting/funniest bit so far?


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2 Responses to Lines in the sand

  1. Sally Rose Nelson says:

    I went on Wikipedia and looked up the Nazca lines – very interesting. When you were in the States I wondered if it was possible to put you photos on line in case your camera got nicked again. I keep telling everyone that you’re eating guinea pig and chips!! You’ve seen some wonderful things. I like the TV without electricity. They must be barmy.

    Love Mum

  2. Gareth says:

    I haven´t eaten guinea pig but I did eat alpaca. It was lovely

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