Putting the pu in Puno

So we got to the hotel in Puno and then went out for a little wander.  Went to another market as we had to buy presents for our hosts on the island homestay. I was more preoccupied with buying some more underwear as the hotel wasn´t doing laundry due to it being a festival day.  Got myself some lovely thong type undies which is all they had!  At least my Spanish is improving.

So then went back to the hotel and phoned home.  After that I started to feel rather unwell with somewhat of a unhappy stomach.  After that, I decided that 4 hours on a boat was definitely not a good idea under any circumstances.  So the next day I got up at 630 to say I wasn´t going and then pretty much spent the rest of the day in bed.  The hotel people were good as they kept ringing up every so often and asking whther I wanted the doctor or coca tea or chicken ´soap´.  In the end I went out for about 2 hours as theer was a loud band outside and I went to check it out.  They were playing musicand dancing outside the cathedral.   Then went to a restaurant for soup and then back to bed.

The next dayI got up and decided to venture out.  Went down to the lakes and on a boat to the Uros islands which are man made islands made of reeds which float on the water.  While we were getting an explanation in Spanish, the island started shaking quite a lot due to a small earth tremor.  They had lots of tat for sale and a rather unsteady viewing tower.  Then one of the locals rowed all 9 of us to another island which had a bar and a restaurant which cooked trout in several different ways.  We then headed back.  The boats are as crazy as the roads as at one point a boat overtook us while we were overtaking another boat in a narrow channel.  Also the boat we were on had cracks in the winscreen which were patched up with sellotape.

I got back and saw the others who had come back from the homestay. Apparantly I didn´t miss too much.  They dressed up in ponchos and then the next morning they took the islanders´ animals for a walk – although not dogs but pigs, donkeys and bulls!  We had dinner in the evning at a local pizza restaurant.

The next day we got up early as we had 7 hours on the bus to Cusco.  At one rest stop a scary old woman was begging.  She put on a child´s voice and went ´mama´ ´papa´  If I´m her father that would make me about 100!

Having got to Cusco we went for a little walk and to a restaurant called Jacks which served english type food.  Had Huevos Rancheros which was massive.  Then in the evening we went to the world´s highest 100% Irish owned pub (over 11,000 ft).  I had 1 beer but then felt a bit queezy so went home.  Was going to go back out but fell asleep and had this weird dream about a never ending archeological site

Today went up a big hill with a statue of Jesus on top and then to the Inca museum.  Then lunch then packing for the Inca trail tomorrow.



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4 Responses to Putting the pu in Puno

  1. batters says:

    I believe the locals drink coca tea to help with the altitude. You’ll probably fail any urine drugs test if you drank it though 😉

  2. Nat says:

    Gwath in a sexy thong. hehe – can just picture that 😉 Glad you’re having a nice time deary. Keep the news coming, I’m enjoying the read 🙂

  3. Mum says:

    Thongs, yuck, horrible uncomfortable things. As soon as I read ‘coca tea’ I thought flipping heck, he’s on drugs now! Hope your tummy’s better, Sometimes it seems more like an endurance test than a holiday! Hope the Inca Trail is everything you hoped it would be.

    Love Mum

  4. Gareth says:

    Coca is not cocaine! Have done the Inca trail will post in the next few days.

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