Mr Bigglesworth bites the dust

So we went down the hill towards Machu Picchu.  The fog did begin to clear a little and we peered through it.  Was that Chepstow Castle I could see? So we got to the entrance and got our tickets and then had a 2 hour tour.  It,s very impressive but I guess it is even more impressive for those who took the bus in a way as we had already seen some of the magnificent views walking on the way there and some Inca ruins too. Still think the trail was worth doing though.

After the 2 hour tour we had free time.  The others stayed longer but I went down on the bus to Aguas Calientes (hot waters) and went up to the hot springs.  They were very good and just the ticket after a long hike.

 Afterwards I met the others for lunch and we then we got the train back to Ullantaytambo.  The train was like a stream train as it gave out great big clouds of black smoke but it was actually diesel!  We then got the bus back to Cusco.

I,m not sure if I have said much about Cusco yet.  All the buildings are built on Inca foundations with Spanish architecture on top.  There are lots of colonnades and a big central square.  It is full of people trying to sell you stuff – paintings, decorative wooden balls, dolls, massages, “cocaine”.  I got to the stage of just sweeping my arm back and forth to clear a path and saying “Non Gracias” loudly and repeatedly like a foghorn.

So we went out for dinner and then went back to Paddy,s Irish pub which had no seats so we went to Norton,s Rats tavern next door.  We had quite a few drinks there and then back to Paddy{s for happy hour.  They were doing 2 for 1 so this led to a table stacked full of drinks (not me I just had beer).  We then went to a club for some dancing.  I left about 2.45 and the others came back a little later.

The next day some people stayed in bed all day but not me!  I got a taxi to the crafts market for a bit with Tuten and Lawrence.  They then went on the city tour but I didn,t want to do that. I went for a walk down the Avenida del Sol instead.  I went in Qoriqancha or the sun temple parts of which became visible after the 1950 earthquake which knocked down some of the colonial architecture.  It is in a Dominican monestary and was quite interesting.  They had a bit about Inca astrology which is different to ours.  Their constallations were based on patterns of light and dark in the Milky Way rather than using stars.  

I then carried on down Avenida del Sol and ended up back at the crafts market.  Bought a few small things.  There is a fountain there you can walk behind which is good on a cool day.

In the evening we went out for dinner.  We went to a Peruvian restaurant so that we could try Cuy (Guinea Pig).  We had one between us as an appetiser.  They brought it out first so we could take photos.  It was a bit bigger than the ones you get in England as pets.  We named him Mr Bigglesworth!  When we ate it there wasn,t a huge amount of meat on it but it tasted a lot like roast pork.  Yum.  i then had very chewy Alpaca with rosemary spaghetti and figs.

The next day we had to do massive repacking.  We had to separate the stuff we were taking to the jungle from the rest of the stuff.  We then left at 10.30 for Cusco airport.


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One Response to Mr Bigglesworth bites the dust

  1. Mum says:

    How about guniea pig for Christmas dinner? I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist trying it.
    Have you given Dad your flight No. so that he can check the planes taken off before he leaves the house.
    I’ve got something you can give me for Xmas but I had a better idea. I’m almost out of perfume. Could you please get me some Estee Lauder ‘Beautiful’ perfume. I’m completely out of perfume altogether.

    Love Mum

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