Last tango in Lima

We got back to Lima late afternoon and then went for a meal as it was our last night out altogether as a group, although Jeremy didn’t go as he had a prior engagement.  We went to a restaurant called the Cafe de Paz (cafe of peace) which had a large poster on the wall with a list of Nobel peace prize winners. I had Ceviche which is Peru’s national dish and consists mainly of raw fish with a little sweet potato.

We also had some wine and a round of a cocktails called Macchu Pichu, which was red, orange and green with Pisco, grendaine, orange juice and mint cordial.  It went down quite well indeed.  We then headed off to a local pub which may have been Irish (my memory forgets) and had some beers.  They had a DJ and I got him to put on Eye of the Tiger which was a good laugh.  We stayed there and then went to another bar/club for dancing.

I was a bit tired and left about 1:15 but the others stayed and then went on to another bar where there were lots of pretty scantily dressed women leaning against the wall.  Turns out they were hookers apparently!

The next day wasn’t a terribly early start.  Got a taxi to the Gold museum with Tuten and Tom.  They also had an arms of the world section.  there was a lot of gold and I wondered how much it would all be worth with the current price of gold.  They had a golden ceremonial knife which was quite impressive.

In the afternoon I chilled before going out with Tom, Tuten and Emma (who were the only ones left) to the restaurant next to the previous night’s one.  Afterwards I went back to the casino.  I played for a couple of hours and won 330 soles (about £80) although a lot of that was because they had a win bonus, which I haven’t had before.  I got 4 sixes and so got 200 soles for it from the casino plus my winnings on the hand.

The next day I was leaving but not flying out until 11:45pm so I put my luggage and went with the other 3 to the Larco museum.  This museum has a large collection of pottery particularly pre-Incan stuff from the north of Peru.  It was very interesting.  They also have a separate gallery on the same site which houses a collection of erotic pottery, some of which was very eye opening although not necessarily anatomically accurate!

Afterwards we went back and wandered round some local markets for a while.  in the evening we went back to the same row of restaurants and were going to try the 3rd one but Tom wanted to try the Anticucho (cow’s heart) so ended up back at the cafe of peace.  Emma brought along a Peruvian acquaintance who worked as a local travel agent.  He was persistently talkative and told us that there was jungle in Germany!  Tom tried to persuade him that Black Forest Gateau grows on a small bush.  The Peruvian also brought along a bottle of his own wine which he kept trying to get us to drink.  he offered to come to the airport with me but I was unconvinced.

I had to leave about 8pm to catch my plane.  There was some traffic but was still there in good time and successfully caught my flight out of Peru.


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