Long time no blog

It has been a while since I posted.

So I made it back to the UK as you must have guessed.  I had about a  12 hour stop off in Newark so I took the time to visit Princeton and Trenton neither of which were overly exciting.

Had Christmas with the family and then home and started job hunting.  I took a few weeks to get started and then put my CV on Monster and had loads of calls from agents.  Had quite a few 1st interviews and then had quite a few 2nd interviews lined up for the last week of Feb.

On the Saturday before (25th Feb), I had a call from my mother at about 7:00pm to say that my dad was being rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack.  Fortunately I hadn’t been drinking and managed to get to the Bristol Heart Institute where he had been taken for 8:30pm.  He had been operated on and we were able to see him about 9ish.  He had put aspirin under his tongue when he suspected something might be amiss and apparently that was the best thing he could have done.  He has actually managed to get away with minimal damage to the heart and got let out on the Tuesday. I stayed in Bristol all week.

On the Monday I ended up going to a 2nd interview in Didcot.  It didn’t start awfully well.  I had to borrow one of my dad’s suits as I had rushed off from Reading in such a hurry and was struggling to get the top button done up (I obviously have a fat neck).  I then couldn’t find my car key anywhere despite the fact I had to have had it to drive there.  Eventually I had to give up and leave the car unlocked and frantically rushed in 5 minutes late, only to find I had got the time wrong and turned up 2 hours early.  This did at least give me time to calm down and find the car key.  And after all that the interview went well and I got a job offer.

I had another interview on Tuesday in Oxford and was eventually lucky to get 2 job offers.  I took the one in Didcot and started on 12th March.

In between I caught up with the Echo Peeps in Guildford which was great.

So I have been at work for 2 weeks now and it has been pretty good.  Takes a little while to get back into the routine.  Feel people value my opinion which is always good.

Have booked up to go skiing at the Easter weekend which will hopefully be exciting.



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