Eatmyshorts returns

Haven’t posted here a while. Meant to blog about my Scandinavian trip and Vegas but never got round to it. Just off another one of my adventures (currently on the train to Heathrow)

This time I’m off to new Zealand for a week plus 3 days in Hong Kong on the way out and 2 days and 3 nights in Tokyo on the way back. Off to see my old housemates Dave and Robyn and Little Man the baby I lived with for a year. I wonder if he remembers me (if not my face then at least my wonderful singing!) I’ll be sure to fish out some of the classics like there’s only one little man and that’s Aidan Aidan Aidan. Of course now he can walk he can run away 😦

Arriving there on my birthday but first stop is Hong Kong and Macau which is a short distance away.


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