Mystic Ming

After a little rest I headed out again although not before accidentally wandering into the agm of the Hong Kong dental association. Fortunately I realised my error before anyone asked to check my teeth!

I went for a wander through temple st night market which as the name suggests is a nightly very large collection of tat stalls. Everything you could possibly not want to buy was there clothes, leather goods, tacky ornaments, sex toys – lots of those. There were some paintings of junks in one place which I was tempted by but didn’t want to lug around for 2 weeks. Went on a few stalls and saw them again – either all the local artists only paint hunks or they were prints. Did buy one Xmas present.

Afterwards went back to the one restaurant with an English menu and they had some room. Had duck in strawberry sauce with rice which was very tasty.

Afterwards went back to the market as there were people offering to tell your fortune or in one case futune. One guy Master Joseph was English speaking and had apparently been on the BBC. So putting on my best poker face thought let’s give this a go. So he read my palm.

– I am very honest
– I should give blood regularly to get fresh blood (as gays can’t give blood does this mean leaching or perhaps become a vampire)
– I am close to my family
– I will have some sort of illness or accident in my 40s but not serious. Illness in my 50s
– I should take more exercise.
– I have some sort of successful career like doctor or lawyer (this may be at age 43 or maybe that was something else)
– I am an emotional person
– I am a perfectionist

He then asked if I was married (he shouldnt have to ask really) and when I said no told me I would marry my wife in my thirties. Said I had lost my first love due to being too demanding and should learn from that.

Pondering the profound words of Mystic Ming, I headed back to the hotel.

The next day I got up for breakfast. It could best be described as a continental style breakfast with some local stuff thrown in such as fried squid, noodles and dragon fruit ( the latter is the colour of really rancid bacon but fortunately tastes more like mango).

I reasoned that wouldn’t be able to check in at the Venetian until mid afternoon so had a potter locally and then checked out at 12. Got the metro to the ferry harbour. Followed the signs out and emerged in a shopping centre (this is becoming a trend). Ferry terminal is on the top floor of the shopping centre. Bought tickets at 1245 for the 1330. Went through passport control and a minuscule nothing to declare channel (just a few lines printed on the floor). No luggage check or anything like that. A short wait at the gate and then on board. Everyone had a numbered seat and quite comfy for ferry seats. After a while thought I would go outside and enjoy the view but couldn’t get outside anywhere. Maybe because I bought an economy ticket (£16). So just had to sit there.


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