The wild west

So the next day we had a fairly early start and got on the road.  We first went over the hills via  a rather slow and windy road to St Arnaud, which is on Lake Rotoiti (virtually all the roads are like this except in the valleys where they are flat and dead straight)  Had a little wander and there was a good playground for Aidan.  He is very good at climbing up climbing frames for a 2 year old – just not so good at getting down again.

Then headed off and generally followed the path of the Buller River.  Stopped off at a swing bridge over the river.  Aidan had to walk over by himself as it would be too dangerous to carry him and he did very well.  Then went for a walk around the other side.  They had some places where the land had risen due to an earthquake and some other places where the river had flooded a few years back.

After the swing bridge, we followed the road down the lower Buller Gorge until we reached Westport.  Didn’t stop there but carried on down the coast road.  This is very beautiful with a turquoise blue sea and lush vegetation – it could almost be in Hawaii.

We then continued on to Punkaiki (pancake rocks).  These are some limestone rocks which formed in layers like a stack of pancakes.  There was also a blowhole (although it was blowing very much).  I bought us all ice creams but Aidan didn’t want his and tried to eat Robyn’s choc ice instead.

We then continued and reached our campsite south of Greymouth.  Quite nice.  Aidan can really leg now and ran off into the owner’s house who wasn’t particularly amused. Oops.  Dave and I went in the hot tub for a bit.  We then all went back into Greymouth to eat – not many options so ended up at KFC.

Then headed back and bed.


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