After dark

So I got to the airport about an hour before the flight.  Plenty of time – no queue to check in and drop off the bag.  No security checks.  It was sad to say goodbye to Dave and Robyn and Little Man.  The flight over was very bumpy – kind of like the boat the other day.  You could almost feel the plane going up and down through the clouds.  Some of my drink jumped out of my cup and into my lap – fortunately it was only water.

Once I got to Auckland I picked up my case and got the Yellow Bus to my hotel.  After chilling for a little while I decided it was time to see a few of the sights of Auckland.  I got the local bus.  This bus didnt go to Auckland but stopped in a place called Onehunga.  A lady on the bus tried to tell the driver that I should have been allowed to buy a ticket to the centre as the bus was going there.  The driver got rather annoyed at this and there was a bit of  a barney.  The bus indeed terminated at Onehunga.  The driver said our next bus was across the road but as we [the lady and myself] sprinted over to catch it, it drove away.  That,s integrated transport for you!  So I got some crisps from Countdown [they don’t sell sandwiches either] and waited. Finally got the next bus and arrived on Queen Street.

I was surprised as if you look at where Auckland is, it is on an isthmus of land.  Therefore I expected it to be flat.   Instead Queen St lay in a valley between 2 hills and then became a hill itself at one end.  Up one of the hills was the Sky Tower – a very large tower that looks a little bit like the Seattle Space Needle.  I didn’t go in but next to it was Sky City which happened to have a casino. 

It was quite a strange casino as you didn’t have to register at all. There was a poker room but there were 4 people waiting.  Had a go at blackjack and lost 50 quid [afterwards realised that this was a slightly different game called Blackjack plus] which didn’t know the rules for].  Oh well still up from Macau.

Then walked all the way to the top of Queen St to K Road [it has a very long name]

It was too late to get the local bus back so got the airport bus.  Only person on it and wondered about asking driver to go to my hotel instead.  When got to the airport the Yellow bus was still running.

Got up about 5 hours later. Ug. First day flight.  Had an emergency exit row so extra leg room.  Unusual flight as virtually all over water.  Only goes near New Britain and over Iwo Jima.  watched Interns, a film set in Nelson and an Australian arty film which got bored with and fast forwarded.

Arrived at Narita and already night – kind of felt missed out on the daytime. Several transport options but decided no more buses!  Got Narita express – took an hour which surprised me as Japanese trains supposed to be fast.  Think airport is not very central at all.  Then got local train to Okachimachi.  Got out the station and couldn’t match up where I was with the map but realised there were several Okachimachi stations.  Had a little walk but got to hotel.  Decided pretty much to go to bed straightaway.

Woke up in the night to go to the loo and then shortly after back in bed, it started shaking for about 10 seconds.  Checked it out in the morning and there was an earthquake at 5.0 magnitude.


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2 Responses to After dark

  1. Mum says:

    Its a shame you didn’t have longer with your friends. It showed on your blogs how much you care for Aidan. You’ll have to hurry up and do something about having a child of your own. I’m sure there’s lots of surrogates out there. Loads of people bring up children on their own (with the help of M&D before we get too ancient that is.)
    Thank goodness you don’t take after me as you would never have coped with awful ferry and boat trips. You’ll be able to tell people that you’ve experienced an earthquake. Dad says you’re going on the bullet train. Bet it leaves on time.
    I’ve sent you a copy of Irene’s letter as I know you’ll be thrilled about what she said.
    I did think that if you haven’t bought me anything for Xmas, and you were stuck. – a small picture of Japan might be nice. (Mt Fuji or something). I did mean small – for the v. small wall behind the toilet. Obviously, I know you’ve got to carry all this. I don’t want to know if you do or don’t buy it because I never get any surprises.
    I don’t know why, but I’m concerned about you travelling home in England when you’ll be so very tired. People have accidents when they’re tired. Keep Safe.

    Love you loads Mum and Dad xxx

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m not driving home from Heathrow but taking the train

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