Somewhere over the rainbow

After buying the doll I headed back to the hotel for a bit.  After a rest I headed out again to the Odaiba district.  This is a reclaimed island in Tokyo harbour.

There was a fairly new metro line to get thee which was a bit more like the DLR in London.  The train proceeded along the waterfront until it reached the Rainbow Bridge (a bridge lit up in the colours of the Rainbow).  It looked like the train was too low but it did a massive 270 degree loop like a motorway slip road to get onto the bridge.

Once in Odaiba I got off at the first stop and walked along the waterfront taking photos of the bridge and of Tokyo.  The tall buildings all had had blinking red lights on the top to warn any helicopters.

Wandering further on I got to a shopping mall with a Xmas trip and a giant Transformer (the robot) outside.  Thee were lots of excited Japanese people with their cameras on tripods.  I waited and waited and nothing happened.  I thought if it suddenly does something like come alive and go on a rampage you might not want to stand so close.  Further along was a ferris wheel. 

I headed back about 11:30 and the subway was completely rammed with people in business attire.  While some of these may have been going for after work drinks I suspect most had been in work and were all rushing to get the last metro before it closes (at about midnight).

Right breakfast time before clatching my flight home.  Still one more post to write about yesterday (saturday)


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