Sorry for the delay in my final blog. The next day I got up for breakfast but then had a lazy morning as a bit tired.

Headed out around lunchtime for the metro. Decided after all the zipping around the previous day to buy a day ticket. Got this and headed to the line but it wouldn’t accept my ticket. “This isn’t the metro”. Despite it looking awfully like the metro. So had to get another ticket.

Went to the Meiji shrine. The Emperor Meiji ruled around the same time as Queen Victoria and was the Emperor who modernised Japan culminating in winning a war against Russia and then annexing Korea.

At the shrine itself there was a couple taking their wedding vows. The bride wore a full white hood – a bit Obi Wan. I took a few sneaky photos – well there was no sign!

I then looked around the treasure museum. It had an imperial carriage and portraits of the Emperors. There was a man in there reverently bowing to the portraits.

I then headed off to the gardens. It wasn’t the right season for the irises or azaleas but the trees looked very pretty in their autumnal colours

I then headed back to the metro. This time I went the slightly longer way back so as to use my day ticket.

I headed to Ueno station and went to Kumagaya. What? Where? Never heard of it and nor had I. It was more a case of how. I was originally looking to take the bullet train to Kyoto but that still takes 2 hours and costs over £100. Kumagaya is the nearest place you can travel to and experience the full speed of the bullet train.

So the first twenty minutes consisted of mere cruising through the Tokyo suburbs. After that it started gaining speed until it was belting along at 240kmh.

Kumagaya itself was a pleasant enough town. It had a stream running through the middle and lights in the trees. It had also had some shops with interesting English names:

Moustache – a grocers/coffee shop
Daisy Farm – clothes
Perm Pam – sells wigs

I then headed back to Tokyo. While it took 30 minutes to get there it took an hour to get back via the local train.

I had dinner at a noodle bar. Some noodles with seaweed (they also give you a raw egg still in its shell but didn’t eat that). Still a bargain at a pound.

The next day got up and went to Ueno station to get cheaper and quicker train back to airport. Had a problem as wouldn’t accept my credit card and had had trouble getting money out of hole in the wall. Fortunately just had enough change but only 25p left for the airport.

At the airport my credit card worked fine so must have just been the railway machine. Watched 5 films on 12 hr flight back. Then long sleep.


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