Windy Wellington

On the 27th we had a lie in before a pretty lazy day. We got to watch some New Zealand TV which looked an awful lot like British TV with programmes like The Chase and The Tipping Point. One exception was the Maori news, which was in the Maori language. They had a bit on that Winston Reid had scored a goal for West Ham (he is a Maori). In the evening, we took Kim’s mother and stepfather for a meal at a very pleasant restaurant by the seashore.

On the 28th, we headed off around lunchtime in Kim’s mum’s car for Wellington. We first went up Victoria Peak which gave great views of the city and the harbour. We then went to the national museum Te Papa. They had a very popular exhibition on Gallipoli with giant sculptures by Peter Jackson. We went to a geology exhibition which had an ‘earthquake house’ and also looked at a copy of the Treaty of Waitangi.

We then had lunch by the waterfront before checking into our hotel. We had a little rest before heading to the ‘cable car’ (this is actually a funicular railway). At the top we had more good views and a chance to walk through the botanic gardens. Kim pointed out a house he used to rent nearby. In the evening we had a quick bite in a local restaurant, which was middling.

The next day Kim took me to the airport for the short hop over to Nelson. I still find it amazing that you can turn up 30 mins before your flight and there is no security check. I guess NZ is not seen as having a terrorist threat.

Robyn and Aidan met me at Nelson. Aidan ran up and hugged my leg. He has lots of energy. We headed back to their place where Dave was now awake. Aidan was very pleased with the lightsaber I bought him. Dave was less pleased.

We first went to a place called Gardens of the World before heading to Wakefield where we climbed a small hill and ate a famous local pie each. We then headed back to base where I helped Aidan build a truck out of Lego. We then headed to nearby Rabbit Island for a BBQ. I had a text from Kim to say there had been a 5.5 earthquake and had I felt it. I didn’t although being on sand didn’t help.

In late afternoon I headed back to the airport. Going back I had a window seat and a good view of Picton. Kim booked me up and we had dinner with his brother and family before heading back late to Paraparaumu.



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